2018 Cal Ripken Extreme

UpdatedMonday July 30, 2018 byCraig Carlson.

July 29, 2018 

I want to thank all of the Managers, Coaches, Kids and Parents for a fun extreme season.  I really hope everyone enjoyed their summer of baseball. Each year no matter what I do I try to improve it the following year.  With the help of next years managers we will try and build on this year.  


Here are your 2018 Champions by age group. 

9's Norwalk - Todd Ermo (Manager)  Norwalk 5 Bethel -Kasack 0

10's Brookfield- Matt Ackerly ( Manager) Brookfield 10 Oxford 2

11's Norwalk - Bill Rizzo ( Manager) Norwalk 3 Redding 2 

12's Easton - Frank Corazzelli (Manager) Easton 3 Pomperaug 2 

2018 extreme 10s contacts.xlsx
2018 Extreme 10s schedule.xlsm
2018 extreme 10s standings.xlsx
2018 extreme 11s contacts.xlsx
2018 extreme 11s schedule-Website (1).xlsm
2018 extreme 11s standings.xlsx
2018 extreme 12s contacts.xlsx
2018 extreme 12s schedule.xlsm
2018 extreme 12s standings.xlsx
2018 Extreme 9s contacts.xlsx
2018 extreme 9s schedule.xlsm
2018 extreme 9s standings.xlsx