Insurance Requirements


UpdatedMonday January 25, 2021 by Ken Smith.

If you use Babe Ruth/K&K Insurance, you will be set up with all the requirements as required by Babe Ruth League Rules.

You are allowed to split your insurance with K&K Insurance and a third party provider, however you must still follow the insurance requirements as listed below.

For more information on K&K Insurance, please follow this link.  Babe Ruth Charter and Insurance Guide.

All leagues and teams must be covered by group accident insurance before they will be permitted to try out, practice or start local league play. 

All leagues and teams must be covered by commercial general liability insurance before they will be permitted to try out, practice or start local league play. ​

Rule 0.01 – Requirement for Charter – Paragraph 6 – For Leagues that use a Third Party Insurance Provider (not Babe Ruth/K&K Insurance) for your Leagues Liability Insurance.

1. You must have a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence limit of liability insurance coverage. ​

 2. Your league should be named insured or referenced in the description of operations to show they are covered. ​

3. The certificate should show evidence there is coverage under the General Liability for claims of negligence brought by athletic participants against the insured league.  This can be reflected in a variety of ways. Please use one of the following three acceptable methods to reflect this:  ​

a. A Legal Liability to Participant limit of $1,000,000 shown on the certificate.  ​

b. Under the Type of Insurance General Liability sections putting “Athletic Participants” with an “X” indicating coverage next to it.  ​

c. A Statement in the Description of Operations box that claims brought by athletic participants are covered or not excluded. ​

4. “Babe Ruth League, Inc.” must be named as additional insured. Also required is the    wording “The Certificate Holder” is an additional insured with respect to the operations of the named insured. Our new address is: 1670 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, Hamilton, NJ 08619. For a sample certificate with the suggested information, contact your Headquarters Service Representative. The certificate can be emailed to our office, faxed to 609-695-2505 or sent via email.