Rule Clarifications

UpdatedTuesday December 18, 2018 byPhilip Marcoux.


Listed below is a new item that we will be sharing with our leagues via the Babe Ruth League website, for which we would like to provide clarification for the 2019 season and beyond. 

Babe Ruth League calls to your attention the  Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, which is now federal legislation signed into law effective February 14, 2018.  Babe Ruth League, Inc. will continue to implement rule changes and other initiatives to abide by the policies and procedures of this law.

Any form of child abuse is contemptible and goes against the mission of the Babe Ruth League program.  The safety, well-being and protection of our participants is paramount to Babe Ruth League, Inc.  For over a decade Babe Ruth League has had several programs in place to encourage safe interaction between volunteers and youth, as well to create a safe, educational and enjoyable environment for all.  These include mandatory Coaches Education and Certification, Risk Management disclosures, and mandatory background screening (including a check of the applicable government sex offender registry) on all managers, coaches, board members, as well as any other persons/volunteers, who provide regular service to the league, and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.

As always, we appreciate the time and resources you devote to the Babe Ruth League program.  We look forward to another successful season in 2019.